Night Blinds


Refrigeration accounts for between 44% and 62% of the electricity consumption in a typical grocery store, depending on the part of the country, Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration . Most systems use more energy than necessary because of the way they are designed, serviced, setup and operated.

Efficiency can lead to big cost savings for users: systems typically cost six times as much to run over their lifetimes as they do to buy, and yet simple measures can cut energy consumption by up to 20%.

Our night blinds provide merchants with durable and environmentally friendly option to keep expensive cold air inside of refrigerated display cases when the store is closed. With our constantly rising energy costs the blinds pay for themselves in a matter of months. Not only will you use less energy, the added benefits are less product loss through shrinkage and lower heating bills in the winter months. Lowering shrinkage and extending shelf life can save an average of 15%. These are the most reliable refrigeration blinds available today and are designed to last for years.
All of the handles and tubes are made of aluminum in order to be rust proof and provide enough rigidity to be straight even in long display cases. The aluminized material provides excellent thermal insulation while minimizing condensation. Once you try these blinds you will find them indispensable.


simple to operate

simple to operate