A-Cent Tech has a relationship with one of the best funding/leasing sources in the country. There are a variety of programs to setup funding with the best financial organizations in the United States. If you choose to have financing, this is the answer you’ve been looking for.


LeasingAfter 21 years of successfully financing equipment for businesses of all sizes, Sharpe Equipment Leasing is established as a leader in the equipment financing and leasing business, and is working closely with A-Cent Tech’s customers to provide funding for your equipment needs.

Low Monthly Payments

Your monthly lease payment will usually be lower than the payment required by other methods of financing. You can actually afford more of the best with leasing.

Acquire Equipment Without Tying Up Capital

Where other types of financing require a hefty down payment, leasing is 100% financing. Most lease agreements require an advance of only one or two months’ payments. Leasing puts the equipment to work for you immediately, at a minimal up-front cost.


Protect Your Lines Of Credit

Lease payments have no impact on your credit lines with your bank. Your borrowing power is preserved for other business opportunities.


Maintain A Competitive Edge

The latest and best equipment lets you do the job faster, better and cheaper than the competition. Leasing gives you the advantage of the latest available technology at an affordable cost.



Follow this link to the leasing application and get started today.  If you have any questions please contact Patrick Sponsel at 623-934-1340 extension 101.