For over 15 years A-Cent Technologies has provided new and innovative energy/money saving solutions.
Energy efficiency translates directly to bottom line profits.  It also lets your customers know you care about "going green".

Our featured products are "SIMPLE GREEN SOLUTIONS" for saving energy and work in all kinds of businesses.
A-Cent Tech GREEN products include LED light retrofit and replacements; night blinds for use on open refrigerated
cases while the store is closed; replacement gaskets and strip curtains for refrigerated doors;  insulated movable vinyl
walls for warehouses;  and refrigerated case refurbishing and re-skinning.  Make money saving changes and protect your
cash flow through our equipment leasing program.   In addition you may qualify for CASH rebates through your local electric
utility and we do the paperwork for you!
Our GREEN equals more GREEN in your pocket, ask us how.

Utility Rebates Info

A-Cent Tech works closely with utility companies to help retailers to receive the utility company rebates.  Many utility companies provide rebates for installing retrofit, or prescriptive, energy conservation measures.    The link below will give you the ability to look up your local rebates.

Utility Rebates Page

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